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of california are preparing for the worst filling sandbags as some rivers are expected to go over their banks. dominic is streaming live from petaluma, california with the latest. >> reporter: clear sky above me, 12 hours ago it was for en shl rain. that rain is in the ground and we're expecting it to come town streams and hit major river ways. napa valley, city of napa was expecting a crest of at least two feet to rise above the flood stage. back in 2005 the city of neep was hit very badly by floods. this time they are saying they can protect the city. take a listen. >>> because of the history of flooding in napa we have a good idea where the water will come out first. there are certain points and we can plan in advance. if this moment if the projections are accurate we'll probably looking at street flooding, intersections being flooded, nothing terribly serious. >> reporter: and caveat may be necessary. there are flash flood warning around the bay area. two flash points they are looking at truck key river in nevada because of low snow levels -- truckee river and the russian river in guernev
california. it's not over yet. people there are bracing for another severe storm. dominic is live in petaluma, california. >> national weather center putting out a warning for the napa river saying it's expected to stretches through st. helena and city of napa as possible flooding up to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. we are expecting a major deluge. this will be the third in four days. dumping possibly the most rain we've seen all week. we're expected to see flood levels rise above the 16 foot level in those two spots. we have seen that it down in sausalito. residents seeing trees fall on top of the cars and that is because the ground is so saturated from the two previous storms. >> i heard a sound like thunder and flash of light which must have been a transformer. tree landed within a few yards of our bedroom. it was pretty scary. >> scary and treacherous. pg&e announcing one of the employees was killed when a truck collided with a traffic signal. they say the rain was intense at the time of that specific accident. we're also hearing that in novato they could be declaring a state of emergency. heavy ra
california. that is really where the bullseye of the rain has been. all kind of flooding concerns, flood watches and warning in effect from san louis obipspo to oregon. we are seeing the precipitation in oregon and washington as well, but the bullseye really has been across northern california. this is the future radar. we see the rain, it dies down toward the south, maybe rain in los angeles then a break for the day tomorrow. then the next storm moves in on tuesday. all of the pacific northwest to northern california again. after that, we start to see things calm down. we have to get through the next couple of days with heavy rain. the heaviest in san francisco, up around sacramento. a lot of the rivers here are well past flood stage. a couple of them likely even getting toward the all-time records. one other thing, a little rain moving to the northeast today. not any huge problems. i have a long with it, very warm conditions. we are going to see all kind of record high temperatures broken. in the 60s across the northern plains in early december. that is very, very warm. >> jamie: that
hand. >> rick: we begin with a fox news extreme weather alert out of northern california. they're now being slammed there by another in a series of severe storms that have already killed one person. the region already dealing with flash floods, mud slides, downed trees, power lines. people there say they've never seen anything like it. >> i haven't seen this in many years. this much water running through my property. that water runup should not come on our property. they have to have holding ponds or some sort of drainage in place to divert or what have you, from my property 'cause it's just below there. >> rick: dominic is live in california with the very latest. dominic? >> hey there, rick. suddenly round three tonight and we're going to see the heaviest rain since this began on wednesday. in fact, possibly more rainfalling tonight than the last two storms combined, believe it or not. it could be as much as ten inches of rain that falls in parts 6789 we've already seen mud slides in certain parts of california. in two areas block off highways, also partly destroying some homes. one
that is helping thome start their liefer lives here. >> the issue of same-sex marriage, prop 8 in california, the justices are taking that on and the defense of main. but we will have our own fair and balanced debate, right after this break. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills. [ male announcer ] jill and her mouth have lived a great life. but she has some dental issues she's not happy about. so i introduced jill to crest pro-health for life. selected for people over 50. pro-health for life is a toothpaste that defends against tender, inflamed gums, sensitivity and weak enamel. conditions people over 50 experience. crest pro-health for life. so jill can keep living the good life. crest. life opens up when you do. >> updating b
descends on california. we are in sanoma county north of san francisco. we have seen heavy rains, worse expected to come tomorrow morning and wilesee mudslide and mayhem as power out ages will affect thousands in the region. back to you. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees, like ourender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're committed to offering you tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 low-cost investment options-- tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like our exchange traded funds, or etfs tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 which now have the lowest tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 operating expenses tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 in their respective tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lipper categories. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 lower than spdr tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800
a bit of snow in california, still a foot of snow across portions of cascades and washington and oregon we're talking close to two feet. very good news for anyone doing skiing. good news is this storm system is on the move we'll finally start to see improvement in weather conditions across portions of the west coast, seattle, down to california. christmas leave looks more tranquil. that snow will dumping snow in portions of rockies and colorado and wyoming. we'll be accumulating snowfall and eventually this storm is going to head into the center of the country. it will be a pretty strong storm and very cold air with it. so definitely we're going to be talking about snow accumulations texas panhandle, parts of arkansas and missouri and illinois. some of these countries don't see a white christmas. so we're talking about quite a bit of snow, up to six inches locally and higher amounts, a winter storm watch has been issued across the state of oklahoma. good news for anyone that wants snow in the center of the country. christmas eve, messy day out in southeast and thunderstorms ahead of tha
his girlfriend. still under investigation. kelly. >> kelly: for northern california bracing for another round much severe storms 24 hours after getting slammed by heavy rain and strong winds and the area is now gearing up for a second lashing. and a third storm is moving in tomorrow morning. already, the weather is left thousands in the dark and left massive delays on roads and airports, but the biggest concern is flooding. >> and it's an amazing amount of water in the time we had and if we've got three more days of this there's no way that the banks are going to hold that, no way. >> the flood water, it's pouring a foot high over this, this embankment right here. >> the amount of rain that was hitting at that hour, we had an unbelievable amount of rain coming down. >> and let's go to dominique di-natale live in petaluma, what more can you tell us? >> hey there, kelly. this has been a three-day buildup, it started on wednesday and went overnight thursday and friday more rain and heavy rains at night and ten inches across the entire region and we saw some flooding earlier her
black. former california insurance commissioner, democratic congressman john giramendi. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> thank you for having us. >> shannon: something to keep an eye on the issue of doctor reimbursement fee under medicare. if nothing happens those will drop by 27%. come january 1. we know ra lot of doctors are limiting the number of medicare patients they will take in. if they don't get the numbers up what happens next? >> this is why we need reform over medicare. we know we are not going to cut doctors by 27%. if we were to do that, there would be no access for seniors. that is not what we want to do. we have come to the table with a program we think is reasonable about structural reform to medicare. just got to happen. otherwise the president has the eye pad in place and obamacare which is going to be a panel of 15 unelected bureaucratic to be making the decisions where healthcare will be paid for. that is on back of providers that doesn't help seniors to get access or quality care. >> shannon: congressman, as a former insurance commissioner you probably unde
. >> thank you. >> eric: jamie? >> jamie: fox news extreme weather alert. folks in california, well, you want to pay attention to this, because you know you have had storms. there are more coming. flood advisories in effect already for some residents. and residents are left to fill sandbags to try and keep water out of their homes. >> i started to think what will i do first? i'll get up an put that on and that on and grab my coat. >> waiting for a disaster to happen. are you waiting for to us flood? >> everybody seen it before if they lived here for a long time. it can happen. listen to what everybody is telling you. be prepared. >> eric: we hope so. >> jamie: they are doing what they can. dominic di-natale streaming live for us from california. what is the situation there? >> reporter: jamie, expecting the petaluma river behind me to flood at some point today, in fact, in the next couple of hours. you can see behind me if the camera man zooms in the swell on the water today safe. it's risen a foot overnight. it will go higher than that. we have had about two inchs of rain in the past three h
, heavy snow, portions of california and oregon and you can see, by tomorrow, 3:00 p.m. sunday, expecting more heavy rain around san francisco and more heavy snow along the mountain passes, many people might be driving along as they head home for the holidays or head out to visit families. otherwise, current temperatures, much colder behind the storm across the midwest and the northeast, 37 right now, new york city and finally feeling like the month of december, 31 in cleveland and, 20s, rapid city and minneapolis and texas enjoying temperatures in the 60s and 50s, now across portions of california, heading into monday, christmas eve, around the corner, we are expecting more unsettled weather to return across the east, stretching across portions of the northeast into parts of the southeast and ohio valley, tennessee valley, you're included and that activity will begin already as we head into tomorrow, sunday, some of with you ill be looking at the rainfall. temperatures will be cooling off in the northeast and rain will be snow. westbound, rick i want to point out we'll have a storm out w
pounding california. this is the last one. you get a little break tomorrow and the day after. but we've got very heavy rain and mountain snow there. this will be a big snow maker for places like oklahoma and texas. this blue indicates cold air diving down to the south for tuesday. look at that tulsa 31 degrees. this green is precipitation. that's going to be snow across oklahoma. going toward the day after though and this storm track is up toward the north and taking a pretty interior track. anywhere on the west of this we are talking about snow. maybe snow in st. louis and detroit and indiana and ohio. at this point looks like rain for wednesday. nonetheless travel problems on wednesday if you are going home if that's your day to get home. eric? >> they don't want rain on christmas day. people want snow, but i guess it makes it easier to travel. >>> house speaker john boehner telling the public, quote, we're broke. congress supposed to help solve that problem. how do we fix the fiscal mess? billionaire john built his business from scratch. he has solutions for the country's budget mess. he
a windfall into the lottery. california pulling in $4.8 billion in the lottery. there are concerns that all of that money spent on a game when people can hardly afford everyday necessities. we have the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: good morning, eric. states across the nation, lottery sales were rising in 2012. according to the experts, it has a lot to do with the state of the economy. >> are you going to walk away with it? >> reporter: even when times are tough, lot rows rake in the dough. >> in bad times, people want to have hopes and dreams and they are living identity those dreams in the lottery. >> reporter: lottery sales nationwide jumped 9% over 2011, which was up 7% from 2010. >> it's a fun diversion, a fun recreational activity, a fun way to give flight to our imagination about what we might do if we won $1 million. >> reporter: states see it as a way to supplement lost tax revenues. >> i won! yes! >> reporter: in california, which has the nation's third highest unemployment rate, lottery sales are up 20%. >> the million-dollar raffle is back. >> reporter: rhode island gamb
childers. play us out in the new year or satted afternoon with your song all of the gold in california . thank you for watching and here is it larry gatlin. >> never was appropriate. ♪ all the gold in california. ♪ is in a bank in the middle of beverly hills in somebody else's name. >> a fox news alert. senate leaders now holding crucial fiscal cliff talks on capitol hill rushing to come up with a last ditch agreement to avoid deep spending cuts and year end tax hikes affecting the lives of every american, i'm kelly wright. >> i'm heather childers in for jamie colby. the 11th he hour scramble after a crucial meeting on friday, between president obama and the leaders of the house and senate and urged lawmakers to urge them to do whatever it takes to cut a deal. >> i'm modestly optimistic that an agreement can be achieved. nobody is going to get 100% of what they want, but let's make sure that middle class families and the american economy and the world economy aren't adversely impacted because people can't do their jobs. >> chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live in
play the lottery. california alone raking $4.8 billion in 2012. what are the odds of that in such a fragile economy. bringing in claudia kalan with the story. >> you are right. it's not just california. in states across the country, lottery sales were thriving in 2012. according to the experts it has a lot to do with the state of the economy. >> are you going to walk away with it? >> even times are tough, lotteries rake in the dough. >> they want to have hope and dreams. >> fiscal year 2012 saw lottery sales nationwide jump 9% over 2011 which was up 7% from 2010. >> they respond a fun recreational activity to give flight to our imagination if we won a million dollars. >> reporter: states see it to supplement lost tax revenue. in california which has the nation's third highest unemployment rate, lottery sales are up 20%. rhode island gamblers dumped 7% more in the low tickets even as the state's jobless rate climbed to number two. why the trend? >> hundred times more likely to die from a flesh eating virus. >> but it's the hope of instant wealth that keeps people co
will said they'll take up two cases that involve same-sex merge. they'll look at the california ban on gay marriage and another case that legally married gay couples can be deprived of federal benefits. hanukkah starts at sun down. jews will be lighting the first candle of the menora as they velbrate the frest val of lights. uma, back to you. >> peter, thank you very much. >> the egyptian military is warning of consequences if the crisis is not resolved soon. they have taken their demands to the gates of the presidential palace . here is more from jerusalem with the latest on that situation. >> it is fairly quiet in all of eand no large protest in tahir square . because of the calm the military has begun to place barriers between the protestors and presidential palace and putting tank concrete and and protestors breached the palace walls. the two-week long political stand off continues with the egyptian military trying to be the mediator. they warned of consequences if the current crisis is not resolve urging dialogue. muhammad mursi, the egyptian period called for talks. but the oppositio
of storms battering california. a lot of rain and a lot of mountain snow. we have one more storm today and into tonight. we'll move this one forward over time. this is a future radar. you see we've got this snow and the rain but by this evening, it moves down and we'll see rain all the way towards the l.a. basin. tomorrow morning, snow across the four corner states and this storm becomes an interesting one for us on tuesday. christmas day, check this out. snow across the panhandle of taxes and oklahoma. snow in oklahoma and we'll watch this potentially be a major weather maker wednesday and thursday across the northeast. so if you've -- pretty good travel conditions to get to your destination for christmas. getting home from christmas might be a different story wednesday and thursday from this storm. >> weather 8, how many of these fancy map things do you have? >> not enough. let me tell you, but we've got five different systems we run the maps on and sometimes the wrong one gets plugged in. >> i see you studying this stuff all the time. thanks a lot. >>> the clock ticking down. can yo
. file video from california . other demonstrations outside of libya were promoted by the video . so the administration had a theory. but once they decided and more information came n it had to be a terrorist attack . i don't think they are misleading. i think it is it a very difficult time. . your reaction to john kerry to be the next secretary of state in >> i think it is a good apoignment and there are few people more qualified than john kerry. he spent a lifetime preparing for this and he ought to be a good secretary of state. >> thank you. we appreciate temperature >> we talked a lot about the fiscal cliff. the government spends more than 11 billion every day . you will be shock to see what they spend most of that on. it is a new series called the cost of spending next this family used capital one venture miles to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white ristmas [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's dou
like amtrak to california. is it time for the federal government to sell what they don't need? >> instead of raising taxes that takes money out of the economy and lower economic activity we utto look at selling federal assets. >> like the va billions . both cases pol tiddingses said no. >> congressman representing the district and they want to make they are taken care of and sometimes that may get in the way of what is best for the next. >> the federal government is america's biggest landlord and selling 20 percent of the empty or unperforming buildings stave two billion. >> you go to the garage and clear it out. the government is it no defendant. >> they refuse to sale valuable public land . let mining companies take billions for free . without charging royalties like we do for oil and natural gas. two taxpayer owned utilities and power would bring in more. a commission could over see the sale to overcome partison op. >> looking at all of the federal assets and decide which is available and now realistically. dysfunctional as the federal government is. few expect the administ
. >>heather: a suspect in custody after a deadly shooting on an indian reservation in central california. police arresting a 21-year-old wounding him after he tried to escape. he shot and killed three people and wounded another on the reservation. he reportedly shot and wounded his two daughters, ages five and eight, who were with him in the car. no word on a motive. >>gregg: a huge blow to al qaeda after the second in command is killed in a drone strike. pakistani intelligence officials say he was killed and it happened last year. he appeared in videos released by al qaeda's media and was presented as a religious scholar for the group. officials say he was promoted as second in command early this year. >>heather: a daring rescue of an american held hostage in afghanistan by the taliban. troops and afghan forces launched the critical mission at pre-dawn when intelligence shows the doctor was in grave danger and the doctor was captured by insurgents five days ago. he says he was unharmed and will be running home to colorado in a few days. coming up, an insiders look at what it takes to re
california. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> tell us a little more about this and how we need to be protected. >> well, wree certainly going to put the -- we are certainly going to put the resources into it. last year the congress put $200 million out of the security budget for the state department. so we are going to have to find the money. we are going to have to put those resources there first for the state department, and clearly there is a role for the military. there is a quick reaction for us in the military. it needs to be ready to go. we have consulates and embassies around the world. it will be difficult to the next point and we really need the intelligence, the cia and the other resources from the military to understand what is going on in the various countries. every country perhaps even in america is at risk of some sort of terrorist activity. so we really need to get ahead of it. all of those are the things that came out of the benghazi issue. that and a whole lot of blame for everybody. we have to put the blame game aside and they are
cases involving same-sex marriage. one case in california. another case in new york. the justices could decide whether to establish or reject a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, or they could decide to get back to the states on decide on their own. the court cases come up against the backdrop of shifting public attitudes about same same-sex marriage. there have been some recent polls that show the majority of americans support allowing such unions. after the elections last month the number of states authorizing the same sex marriage increased to 9. >> well as washington tries to solve the country's debt problems, law i can makers are using greece as an example of what could happen here. but republicans and democrats are taking away two lessons on how to avoid the same greek tragedy. mike emmanuel takes a look at that. >> republicans frequently argue it is critical to get a handle on the nation's deficits before the u.s. becomes like greece. there a terrible economy with 26% unemployment, the highest in europe, and almost no job opportunities for young people frequently lead to
are in california, hold regular prayers for fellow believers. the department of homeland reports a doubling of asylum seekers, many coptic christians. >> you are talking about 8 million people, minimum, the numbers are probably double that. so it will be hard to see 8, steb, 12 million people, half of that emigrating or leaving. >> reporter: how many will end up in america? there is criticism of the obamat has been too muted in terms of the violence we see now and what the new government is doing to protect the minorities, such as the coptic christians. >> reporter: thank you. earlier in our program, 100,000 have fled, recently. so clearly, more are coming. thank you. >> jamie: we are celebrating the trail blazers of human space flight. it's been 40 years since the last mission to the moon, capping off an incredible run for the american space program. this is one of the original pioneer who is ventured into the unknown, rusty schwicart, he sits down with us next. >> hipety, hopety, hipety, hopety, over the hill, land hill. da-da-da-da-da-da-da-dah. hipety hopety along. and cut! very good. p
. and then this is another really good choice, a sparkling wine from california. it also has some ripe fruit flavors, and lighter, toasty notes. this pears nicely with the veggie platter, goes flies with that, or pasta, or guests if you go out to dinner, this would be a nice bottle. >> heather: what are the price ranges here? >> we have $40. this might be a nice hostess gift if you're going somewhere on new year's eve. this one is $16 and that's $18. >> kelly: i thought it was like dom perignom where it's up over $100. >> these are all nonvintage wines, so they don't have a year on them. so when you buy it, you want to drink it. >> kelly: let's take a toast. >> heather: cheers. >> kelly: a toast to everyone for a new year. get over the budget battle. have a good time. >> heather: happy new year. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> kelly: cheers to you. tiny bubbles. that will do it for us. >> heather: fox report with harris faulkner is up next. we'll have much more on the fiscal cliff talks as they continue. also much more on the status of president george h.w. bush. >> kelly: we're glad he is doing
in california are confiscating important rubber ducks decorated for the holidays. the toys contain high levels of a particular chemical that could make your child very sick. they have been shipped in from china. and also some other toys as well obviously. >>> a new legal battle is shaping up on capitol hill involving a terrorist attack in the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya on september 11th. lawmakers are trying to get to the bo the tom of what happened happened -- get to the bo bottom of what happened. it left four americans dead including the u.s. ambassador chris stevens. now the spotlight will return to the secretary of state hillary clinton. a top republican lawmaker says she will heavy at her committee's hearing on the terror attacks. >> we are hopeful that this investigation leading to this arrest and maybe others because it is not a a one-person operation and will finally get justice for the four brave americans who lost their lives and in this terrorist attack in benghazi, and we are pleased that secretary clinton will be coming before our committee. >> legal challenges -- what leg
away in santa barbara, california. he was a main stay of classic westerns, appearing in nine films directed by john ford, including "she wore a yellow ribbon," starring john wayne. he was a fixture on television playing various roles on "bonanza," gunsmoke" and others. he was 91 years old. >> arthel: the northeast is bracing for another blast of winter as the weather radar shows heavy snowfall affecting millions of people. we're live on the ground with the latest. >> gregg: plus, get ready for another big bash. preparations underway right now in new york city to ring in the new year. anna kooiman now with a preview. >> hey there. times square alliance officials tested the confetti this will fall from the sky during monday night's big celebration. i'll preview the party and interview the late dick clark's wife after this break [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male a
. >> heather: police diffuse ago dangerous situation in southern california. arresting a man they say fired 50 shots into the air and into the ground at a mall parking lot. stores in the area were put on lockdown until the suspect was taken into custody. fortunately no one was injured. >> gregg: an alabama hospital is secure following a deadly shooting there. investigators say a gunman suddenly opened fire inside that facility yesterday hitting a police officer as well as two hospital workers. second officer returned fire and then killing the suspect. hospital says care for patients in the vicinity was never interrupted. no word yet on a possible motive. >> heather: as authorities continue their investigation in connecticut there is a growing focus on how the families of the victims are supposed to continue their lives as usual after this horrific tragedy. that is an ongoing struggle of one. she is was among killed in the mass shooting in a colorado movie theater over the summer. i know all too well about the road ahead for the peoples that have been changed forever. anita joins us by phone. s
with bronchitis. three people are dead after a small plane crash in california. investigators say a 63-year-old man, his wife and daughter were flying from san diego to phoenix when the crash happened. the cause is under investigation. final preparations are underway for the big new year's eve celebrations in times square. organizers have tested the confet tow make sure it floats. thousands of people from around the world wrote wishes on the confety that will rain down on the crowd. don't forget to tune in at 11:00 p.m. eastern on new year's eve. those are the top stories right now. >> you are going to be off, aren't you? that's way past your bed time? >> reporter: i am going to be off and watching to make sure that the confetti that they tested actually floats, like they said. god forbid. >> shannon: we will expect your report on that next week. >> reporter: yeah. >> shannon: looking back at the shooting at the sandy hook schol as the worst day of his presidency, president obama promised to put his full weight behind new gun control legislation. debating an nra proposal to put armed guards
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